Covid-19 Digital Toolkit Webinar

Webinar Outline:
Digital adoption is no longer a plan but instead an action that must be taken. Join us for a Free Webinar where Damu will share the Covid-19 Digital Toolkit that has been designed specifically to provide you with a framework (a set of concepts around mindset, skillset, and toolset) to bridge your organization to the digital economy.

About this Event
The webinar will focus on 3 core topics:
1. Essential: What are some critical insights and trends that are happening, AND SO WHAT?
2. Resilience: What are the sought-after skills to build today?
3. Thrive: What are some tools, methodologies, and strategies driving the future.

Covid-19 is first and foremost a human tragedy that has affected all of our lives. This moment in time will be a defining moment for not only us, but for the generations that will come after. 

None of us has the ability to change how we got here, nor has the ability to change or control the implications of the pandemic. However, what we can control is how we embrace this moment and move forward together. 

Who Should Attend?
SME business owners
Business Leaders

Damu Winston, MBA, PMP, CBP
International Digital Advisor
2X Amazon Best Seller
Blockchain SME

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