Blockchain for AI: Review and Open Research Challenges

Blockchain is one the most hyped innovations these days, and it has been gaining a lot of traction as a horizontal technology to be widely adopted in various fields [1]–[3]. Since its inception in 2008, blockchain continued to emerge as a disruptive innovation that will revolutionize the way we interact, automate payments, trace and track transactions [4]. Blockchain can be highly cost effective in eliminating the need for a centralized authority to govern and verify interactions and transactions among several participants. In blockchain, every transaction is cryptographically signed and verified by all mining nodes which hold a replica of the entire ledger which contains chained blocks of all transactions.

This creates a secure, synchronized and shared timestamped records that cannot be altered [5]. Another prominent field that is gaining huge traction is artificial intelligence(AI) which allows a machine to have cognitive functions to learn, infer, and adapt based on data it collects. Recent market research predicts that AI market will grow up to 13 trillion US dollars by the year 2030.

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