Digital Assets – Tokenized Revolution

The Swiss financial centre is currently in midst of a profound transformation. Because of the financial crisis, a tighten regulatory corset was imposed on the financial market players. In parallel digitalisation and new technologies have been accelerating competition and hence the structural change of the industry.

With such a cost and transformation pressure, several business opportunities are opening up for the financial services industry. Amongst other factors, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), which enable new forms of digital transactions, offer a large potential, especially for the Swiss financial centre due to a benign jurisdictional environment.

In capital markets, the two main areas of use cases are 1) process improvements and leveraging DLT based solutions to more effectively share information amongst different parties involved, e.g. in the areas of trade finance, know your costumer (KYC) or corporate actions processing; 2) the universe around storage and transfer of value using a distributed ledger, i.e. the tokenization of assets and financial instruments.

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