January 2020

AI Index

The Volume of Activity metrics capture engagement in AI activities by academics, corporations, entrepreneurs, and the general public. Volumetric data ranges from the number of undergraduates studying AI, to the percent of female applicants for AI jobs, to the growth in venture capital funding of AI startups. The Technical Performance metrics capture changes in AI […]

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Business Intelligence Trends

The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) suggests that machines will augment human understanding by automating decision-making. Josh Parenteau, Director of Market Intelligence at Tableau explained how artificial intelligence and machine learning will act as another perspective, “helping uncover those insights that have gone previously undiscovered.” Gartner research indicates that by 2020, “85% of CIOs will

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Blockchain Opps for Private Enterprises in Emerging Mkt

This collection attempts to focus attention on the potential of blockchain, and of distributed ledger technology (DLT) more generally, to address some of the economic and financial challenges that emerging markets face today. These challenges are many, and include Know-Your-Customer gaps, the de-risking by global financial institutions that prevents emerging markets from accessing the global

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