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Emirates NBD’s Future Banker course

My week 3 class. 

It’s such a pleasure teaching.

Here’s a tip, when all of your students are women that are uncomfortable being on camera, there are always creative ways to encourage participation.  

The theme of the class,  “the future will not be as patient with us as the present is today… [we must] do today, what others will do in 10 years”
H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, World Government Summit

Apply Now: Grant Lowe’s-LISC Partnership

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I Don't Trust You, But Blockchain and Bitcoin Will Help

Today is a good day read…

Conventional currency, cash—money— as it stands, is the prevailing force in most of our lives, and the underlying motive behind just about all historical events. It represents a trusted system that maintains and enforces the status quo, i.e., the establishments’ order. Disrupting that system would mean a whole new world—a world where power is broken down and democratized, as in made accessible to all vs. the few who control it. So, if virtual currencies were just the natural progression of money, the evolution of portable power, the succession from physical to digital; for some, that would be a scary thought, for others, it could mean liberation.